Condition Monitoring, and Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance

Condition Monitoring, and Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance

Business Insight Through Better Condition Monitoring

Implementing a dependable predictive maintenance strategy requires having the right tools to reliably collect real-time data, quickly analyze it, and act accordingly to avoid costly downtime.

Instead of outfitting aging plants with disparate systems and equipment, you can use NI’s fully integrated condition monitoring solutions that combine ROI-rich open software with rugged, modular hardware to achieve complete control and visibility into the health of your assets. By acquiring and analyzing sensory information, generating alarms, allowing maintenance specialists to visualize and manage data, and simplifying the deployment of large numbers of monitoring systems, NI tools provide the ideal solution for a variety of condition monitoring focused industries.


Equipment monitoring systems are used to detect trends and anomalies for accurate diagnoses.


More than half of the generating capacity in the United States is greater than 30 years old.

Paradigms of Predictive Maintenance

As technology evolves, NI introduces new tools to help customers implement superior predictive maintenance and gain a deeper understanding of condition monitoring data. NI’s 40-year track record of helping customers meet complex challenges is a testament to the breadth of hardware, software, and services at your disposal. Included here is a sampling of companies that have tackled the kind of challenges you and your organization may be facing today.