Embedded cRIO & cPCI/PXIe RF Solutions

Embedded cRIO & cPCI/PXIe RF Solutions

The Industrial Embedded Platform

The industrial systems deploy programmable automation controller (PAC) platform powered by compact reconfigurable I/O (NI CompactRIO) field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology offers a flexible embedded architecture with small size, extreme ruggedness, and hot-swappable industrial I/O modules. This platform empowers engineers and scientists around the world to build advanced computing and control solutions to gain grid condition visibility, situational awareness, event analysis, and the ability to quickly take corrective action to ensure a reliable electric network.

Industrial Embedded Hardware in the Energy Market

New innovations in the development of renewable resources including solar, wind, and even hydroelectric power are paving the way for a future of clean, affordable energy


The CompactRIO Advantage

NI monitoring devices are based on CompactRIO. This rugged, industrial embedded computing hardware offers flexible I/O options and features, including integrated sensor measurements, analytics, data storage, alarms, and data visualization, all in a single tool. This means you can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing and acting on it to ensure the uptime of critical assets.

Waveform Acquisition

Simplify high-speed waveform acquisition with the waveform reference library and onboard analytics processing.

Temperature, Vibration, and Shock

Get extended -40 ˚C to 70 ˚C operating temperature range and a rugged 5 g vibration and 50 g shock rating.

Industrial I/O

Take advantage of 100+ I/O modules for native support of 4-20 mA, 24 V digital, and ±10 V analog.


Noël Steentjes, VolkerRail

“We developed and deployed more than 200 complex monitoring systems throughout the country within a year.
NI CompactRIO provided us with a customizable, off-the-shelf platform for monitoring railway infrastructure, which
decreased our time to market significantly while reducing our development costs.”