Field Calibration & Service Kits

Field Calibration & Service Kits


Signal Analysis Systemw ith RF Receiver and 16 Channel DDC with Reference Design to Streaming I-Q Data to third party Softwares Patent-Pending, Touchscreen PXIe Enclosure with RF Interface Unit (RFIU) Option available for Dual Channel and Built-in Multi-coupler

    • Infield Calibration and Antenna Orientation Identification for correct Alignment
    • Phase Matched Cables and Pre-amplifiers
    • Limiters and RF Switches

Antenna Rotation Solutions

Establish point to point or point to multipoint High Bandwidth communications links in minutes Pass dedicated voice, data, and video over your network Manage and prioritize all links remotely Remove complexity and setup time when establishing communication recovery links.


Tactical Deployment

Small masts have weight restrictions on the overall head load. System is designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and portable. The positioner is powered and controlled by a single Ethernet cable which utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE). The user interface is hosted on the positioner and can be controlled from any PC, PDA, tablet PC, or smart phone that has a web browser. Create critical backhaul data links in minutes with an easy to use control interface.

NI Drives and Motors

National Instruments motor power drives offer reliable, easy-to-connect drive solutions for all NI motion controllers in a variety of power ranges and form factors. This includes motors specifically designed to deliver optimum speed and torque when paired with NI motor drives.


NI Plug-In Motion Controllers

The NI 7330, 7340, 7350, and 7390 series devices are PCI and PXI motion controllers programmed with LabVIEW using the NI-Motion driver. NI plug-in motion controllers are available in two- to eight-axis variants for both stepper and servo motion control. Learn more at