Portable Field Test & Measurement

Portable Field Test & Measurement

Field Test and Measurements Systems with Lithium Ion quick recharging batteries, Custom Connector Interfaces & Installation Fixtures and Accessories for Vehicle Installations


Field Portable Measurement Systems


Repair Vehicle with Complete Testt & Measurement Suite for Field Repairs and System Calibration


Precision DC Sources

Take advantage of power supplies, source measure units (SMUs), and battery simulators for RFIC, mobile device, and general-purpose test applications.
■ Maximum voltage up to ±100 V or maximum current up to ±3 A
■ Current measurement resolution down to 10 pA
■ Power SMU and precision SMU for flexible voltage/current sources
■ Battery simulator for ultrafast transient response and waveform capture


NI FlexRIO FPGA Modules

For real-time RF signal processing, NI RF signal analyzers and signal generators can stream data directly to NI FlexRIO user-programmable FPGA modules using peer-to-peer streaming.
■ DSP-focused Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs
■ Up to 512 MB onboard DDR2 DRAM
■ Peer-to-peer data streaming to and from NI RF or other FPGA modules
■ Real-time processing for RF modulation/demodulation, emulation, bit error rate testing, or spectral monitoring applications

Data Streaming for Record and Playback

NI data streaming solutions use RAID to sustain transfer rates up to 750 MB/s for up to 12 TB of data for hours of continuous high-speed record and playback of RF signals.
■ Data streaming with 750 MB/s sustained read and write speeds
■ Storage capacities up to 12 TB
■ Support for various RAID modes (RAID-0/1/10/5/6)
■ 50 MHz (250 MB/s) RF recording and playback using the NI PXIe-5663E vector signal analyzer and the NI PXIe-5673E vector signal generator