Products and Services

Custom Configurations for simplifying and enhancing your contract management

by integrating leading brands of both PXI/ cRIO based

State -of-the-art

Instrumentation & Measurement hardware and Software (National Instrument) and HMI (Advantech) to comply Certifications as per worldwide acceptable standards.

Flexibility and Maintainability

building on the best of breed of COTS technology and the use of state of the art tools such as LabVIEW

Consultancy, training and support

by a reputable and leading third party system integrator corporation; along with complete transfer of technology if so required to minimise dependency

Strategic Partners

It is vital to have a good relationship with all the suppliers and partners (Supply Chain Management)

Professional Domain

Main Strength of DAT lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation.




From the start, we’ve always tried to do things properly. So it’s heart-warming to get recognition from people who feel the same way

RF Wireless & Spectrum Monitoring Solutions

3G/4G Monitoring Solutions, MIMO Test & Research Platforms Modulation and Demodulation, Software Defined Apps

Embedded cRIO & cPCI/PXIe RF Solutions

Onboard Data Logging, Correlated Measurements, Profiling Analysis and Embedded RF Applications on cPCI, PXI and cRIO

Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Industrial IoT

Implementing a dependable predictive maintenance strategy requires having the right tools to reliably collect real-time data, quickly analyze it, and act accordingly to avoid costly downtime.

Operator Consoles with Customized Software Apps

Operator Consoles with Touch Screens or Panel Computers with Standard Rugged Mounts and Industrial Ethernet / USB connectors for Customized Applications

Field Calibration & Service Kits

Infield Calibration and Antenna Orientation Identification for correct Alignment, Phase Matched Cables and Pre-amplifiers, Limiters and RF Switches

Portable Field Test & Measurement

Field Test and Measurements Systems with Lithium Ion quick recharging batteries, Custom Connector Interfaces & Installation Fixtures and Accessories for Vehicle Installations

Educational & Training Products

Educational Teststands for Linear or Rotatory Motion for Custom Research Platforms or Continuing Education. Custom configurations allows multiple personalities of one platform

Smart Grid, Power Quality Monitoring and Energy Solutions

Infinite Designs, One Platform with the only complete system design environment